Homemade Mosquito Be-Gone!

I saw this online and had to share it with you....if you're tired of all the mosquitoes bothering you at night while you're sitting outside, try brewing up a batch of this...and I bet you already have the ingredients in your home...

ONE big bottle of blue cheap mouthwash 

THREE cups Epsom salt 

THREE stale 12 oz cheap beer 

MIX ingredients together until salt is dissolved. 

SPRAY ANYWHERE you sit outside - around the pool (if you have one), all over decks (if you've got 'em), wherever you tend to get bitten like crazy. 

It won't harm plants or flowers, it won't ruin your deck furniture, your patio, or your kill your grass. Mosquitoes will be gone from these areas for approximately 80 days. 

It's certainly worth a shot...or you can just keep getting bitten..

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