Travelers Championship: Ben Bronz Academy

iHeartCommunities is LIVE here at The Travelers Championship in The Fan Zone speaking with numerous charities who are all part of Birdies for Charity! Take a listen below to learn more about each organization and how you can help! 

Travelers Championship: Ben Bronz Academy 

Listen below Kim Holley, Executive Director, of Ben Bronz Academy and also Ian and Ryan who are students at the academy. Learn how you can donate and be a part of their mission.

About Ben Bronz Academy

Ben Bronz Academy, is an educational organization of The Ben Bronz Foundation, Inc. We believe that every student deserves the chance to succeed. We enable bright children who have a learning disability to achieve academic success and strengthen their curiosity, perseverance, patience, self-reliance, motivation, and focus.

CLICK HERE to visit their website and donate

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