Travelers Championship: Klingberg Family Centers

iHeartCommunities is LIVE here at The Travelers Championship in The Fan Zone speaking with numerous charities who are all part of Birdies for Charity! Take a listen below to learn more about each organization and how you can help! 

Travelers Championship: Klingberg Family Centers

Listen below to Gail Lebert, Director of Partnership Development of Klingberg Family Centers talk about the Klingberg Family Centers and learn how you can talk part in their organization.

About Klingberg Family Center

Klingberg Family Centers believes that each child is precious and deserving of a safe, caring home. We are also dedicated to the belief that “the family” is the best place for youngsters to live, learn and grow. These beliefs motivate our efforts to strengthen, equip and restore families, whenever possible, so that each child may receive the enduring love and guidance they need.

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