Walmart Wine Coming Soon!

Walmart is stepping up their wine game.

The superstore, which is known for their price-slashing, is aiming to put a smile on their customers’ faces with their new line of budget-friendly vino.

The company debuted their “Winemakers Selection” collection of ten bottles that are now available in over 1,000 of their retail stores, with prices varying from $10-$16 per bottle. While these are no $4 steals like at Trader Joe’s, the company’s move to start selling high-quality, low-priced wine is still something to get excited about.

The wines hail from many different regions, including Italy, France, and one from California. According to The Daily Meal, the Italian wines include a Chianti reserva, a Chianti classico, a Tuscan sangiovese, and a red blend which features four different grapes from Puglio, Abruzzo, Sicily and Veneto. The French wines include a sparkling rosé, grenache, grenache rosé, syrah, and cabernet franc. Finally, the lone Californian blend is a cabernet sauvignon from Paso Robles.

Bottles are now on sale in stores nationwide, but are not eligible for online purchase.

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