GOOD NEWS: Teacher Donates $1M To Students

Genevieve Via Cava used to joke about donating a million dollars one day and the retired teacher recently made good on her word. She amassed a small fortune over her lifetime by scrimping and saving and when she passed away in 2011, she left her savings to some of the people who meant the most to her - special education students.

Via Cava had no children of her own and spent most of her career teaching in the Dumont School District in New Jersey and she left them the million dollars like she said she would. Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, one special education student who’s moving on to post-high school education, like college or trade school, will be eligible for a $25,000 scholarship thanks to her gift. The money will stay in an interest-generating fund, so the district can continue to give the scholarship, Business Administrator Kevin Cartotto explains.

“She was very loving and won people over with her beautiful smile,” says Richard Jablonski, a close friend and executor of her will. “She’s leaving behind a lasting legacy.”


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