Monthly Maintenance Pet Tips From Fidelco!

Monthly Maintenance Pet Tips From Fidelco!


Heartworm preventative – it’s VERY easy to administer with a tasty, chewable pill. Heartworms are extremely serious and potentially fatal, and treatment can be very, very expensive.


Monthly Flea and tick preventative – Connecticut is considered ground zero for Lyme Disease and most of New England is endemic. Tick-borne illness can cause lifelong problems and can be fatal, too – and it’s also preventable.


And…as the saying goes…”if you see something, say something” to your Veterinarian. A small lump or bump, or discoloration of the skin, inside the mouth or even inside the ears can be a signal of a growing problem.


Visit to donate, volunteer and check out upcoming events. It’s also time to register for the 8th Annual “Ride for Independence” motorcycle fundraising event to provide Fidelco German Shepherd Guide Dogs to blind Veterans and family members. That’s!


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