Birdies for Charity: Hartford Performs

iHeartCommunities is once again the proud media sponsor of Birdies for Charity with The Travelers Championship. Please take a listen and look at all of our interviews supporting the non-profits taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to fund-raise! We'll be broadcasting live from the Fan Zone the week of the tournament , be sure to stop by and say hello!

Birdies for Charity: Hartford Performs

Pictured: (Left to Right) Rie Poirier-Campbell, Executive Director of Hartford Performs, Renee DiNino of iHeartRadio, and Tracey Mozdzierz, Development & Marketing Manager of Hartford Performs

Listen to Rie Poirier-Campbell, Executive Director of Hartford Performs and Tracey Mozdzierz, Development & Marketing Manager of Hartford Performs talk about their involvement with Birdies for Charity and how you can help their charity!


Hartford Performs connects all Hartford Public School students to quality arts experiences that advance student learning and deepen engagement in community


Hartford Performs is founded on the notion that when children are actively and joyfully engaged in their learning, they grasp lessons more personally, more deeply, and more lastingly. Study after study bear out the fact that the arts help children advance both academically and socially/emotionally.

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Birdies for Charity is a giving platform that utilizes the excitement around the Travelers Championship to help nonprofits in communities across the region raise awareness and funds to support their missions. Nonprofit organizations simply solicit donations and receive a 15% bonus on every dollar raised!


Birdies for Charity Bonus Bucks

Each organization that raises money through BFC will receive at least a 15% bonus on top of each donation collected.

Increasing Awareness of Your Charity and Your Cause

The tournament provides opportunities for participating organizations to spread their mission through multimedia such as radio, website and social media.

Relieving Fundraising Challenges

All participating organizations will receive a unique website link to collect donations, a toolkit filled with promotional templates, and all administrative and processing fees will be covered by the Travelers Championship.

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