Two CT Sisters Reunited After 67 Years

CREDIT: News 8

Two CT sisters that were separated for 67 years and thousands of miles finally reunited Thursday!

Bettie and Marie, and their two other siblings, were abandoned in a New London trailer in 1951...Bettie was 5 and was left in charge.

"I went out in garbage cans. Stole fruit from a fruit stand," the 71-year-old Danielson, Connecticut resident said. "Fed them whatever I could find."

Her little sister Alice was only 3, their brother Billy was less than 2, and their baby brother was about two months old. 

"I don't remember if I cried," Betty said. "I had to take care of them."

The infant died in her arms. 

Connecticut state social workers eventually found the trio and put them up for adoption.

When she was older, Betty was told Alice Marie was dead, so she gave up hope of finding her. 

Betty Barrie (left) and Marie Kendra (Photo via WPRI)

Alice, who now goes by her middle name Marie, didn't.

"God told me she was alive," she said. "[He said] she's still there. You'll know her when you see her."

Marie, whose married name is Kandra, looked for her big sister for decades but couldn't find her, and neither could her husband who passed away in 2015.

"And this one day, out of the blue," Marie recalled. "my daughter called up and says, 'we found your sister.'" 

She flew to Rhode Island from Texas.

Betty drove to T.F. Green from Connecticut. 

"I'm so nervous," Betty said shortly before the big moment.

Then, at about 12:41 p.m., nearly seven decades since they last saw each other as little girls, they were together again.


(Photo via WPRI)


A hug they dreamed about for 67 years was suddenly a reality. That long-ago tragedy, replaced for a moment by absolute joy.

"I said I wasn't going to cry," Betty said, peering over to her sister. "But I did."

"And you made me cry," her 69-year old little sister replied, smiling. 

Marie has three children back in Texas, but Betty never had kids. 

"Finding my sister was very important because I had nobody," Betty said. "I thought I was completely alone, and I find out all of a sudden I have family all over the place."


(Photo via WPRI)


Now they're looking for their little brother, who they believe was adopted by a minister and his wife in the Windham, Connecticut area.

They're hoping another reunion happens much, much sooner than this one.

"But at least it did happen," Betty said. 

"It really did," Marie added.

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