GOOD NEWS: Teacher Donates Kidney To 4th Grader!

As the school year winds down, one fourth grader had an especially big year -- as a teacher at her school agreed to donate a kidney to save her life.

Last fall, 10-year-old Eva Evans started missing school because of kidney trouble. Teacher Tanya Thomas -- who actually teaches in a different classroom -- heard about Eva and wanted to help.

Tanya went through a rough screening process and learned she was a perfect match.

So now, both Tanya and Eva will have something bigger than just summer vacation to look forward to as this important surgery will happen in the coming months.

The new kidney is expected to improve the quality of Eva’s life immediately, returning her to full strength.

And, the generous offer by Tanya has inspired Eva to make an early career choice. She now plans on following in Tanya's footsteps and becoming a teacher herself when she grows up.


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