Golden Knights' Stanley Cup Could Bust Vegas

You would have to think out of all the fans of the newest NHL franchise, the expansion Golden Knights have to be excited after they swept through the first round of the NHL playoffs.

But as thrilled as the fans are of the newest team in all of sports are—I can tell you who is not.

One of the oldest teams in all of sports who also happen to be located in Vegas.

And that would be the Sportsbooks who lay odds on these teams.

Because while Golden Knights currently have some of the best odds in “Sin City” to win Lord Stanley’s Cup at 9-2—they didn’t start off with those odds.

Nope, when the season started, they were going off at 300-1 at the Westgate Superbook which they soon adjusted.

When they upped it to 500-1.

And while there weren’t a lot of takers when they were that high—by the time the odds went down to 200-1 later in the season, people started biting.

And now, if the Knights win it all, they will be taking a huge bite out of Vegas.

The Golden Knights became the second expansion team in the NHL, NBA, NFL or MLB since 1960 to reach a championship series in their first season. The other team was the 1967-68 St. Louis Blues, although that was at a time when the league had just 12 teams and eight made the playoffs. House doesn’t always win…

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