Bad Ink...Real Bad Ink!

A lot of people have gotten tattoos that they regret, but one mother in Sweden found an unbelievable way to fix hers.

The 30-year-old proud mom of two boys went to a studio three years ago to have her sons' names tattooed on her arm. She was thrilled to have the names Nova and Kevin forever inked on her, but realized later on that Kevin's name was misspelled and instead read Kelvin. She broke down in tears when she noticed the mistake and says, "My heart stopped and I thought I was going to faint."

She returned to the tattoo studio to complain to the artist but was only given a refund and the phone number of someone who could remove it. Realizing that would be painful and costly, she decided to leave the tattoo and instead legally change her son's name. Five-year-old Kevin is now officially Kelvin.

 Meanwhile, the mother also recently had a daughter and she intends to get her name tattooed on her arm as well -- only this time she plans to check the spelling first.

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