Fidelco Senior Pet Tips May 2018

Fidelco Senior Pet Tips May 2018

Listen below to Eliot Russman President and CEO of the Fidelco Guide Dogs talk about National Pet Week and how to care for your senior pets properly. There's a lot of tips and tricks he has to share that you should be on the lookout for!

”National Pet Week – Celebrating Seniors”

What can we do to help our senior pets?

Most importantly, schedule at least two wellness exams with our veterinarians. And watch for some important signal from our senior pets that something may not be right: 

  1. An unusual amount of increased sleep during a 24-hour period;
  2. Decreased attention or disinterest in home surroundings;
  3. Decrease in meaningful activity;
  4. Loss of formerly acquired knowledge, which includes housetraining;
  5. Periodic anxiety expressed as panting, moaning or shivering.

Work with your pet’s Veterinarian to create a care plan that includes:

  1. Nutritionally balanced diets or species-appropriate diets
  2. Supplements beneficial to aging pets
  3. Many opportunities for age-appropriate exercise, socialization and mental stimulation
  4. Minimize stress with a similar and familiar routine every daft
  5. Schedule regular wellness exams

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Visit Fidelco's website to donate, volunteer and check out details about Fidelco’s OPEN HOUSE. 

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