"Expert" Says Get Consent To Change Diapers!

With the rise of the #MeToo movement, what’s considered consent has become a very hot topic. But should we be seeking consent to change a child’s diaper? That’s what one “expert” is suggesting.

Deanne Carson, a “sexuality educator” at Body Safe Australia is making headlines for her theory. She practices the Respectful Relationships program, which is used to shape the way people look at gender norms and sexuality.

In an interview with ABC/Australia, Carson suggests that parents should ask their babies for consent to change their diapers. Carson says to explicitly ask your child “I’m going to change your nappy (diaper) now, is that okay?” You're then to wait for them make eye contact...and then proceed.

She believes by leaving a space open for response and using certain body language can instill a “culture of consent.” She says that space for response let’s your child know “their response matters.”


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