Game Of Thrones Scotch Is Coming!

While the next season of Game of Thrones isn't scheduled to be released until 2019, Johnny Walker has fans of the show geeked up with its new scotch -- which they're calling “White Walker.”

Game Of Thrones Meets Johnnie Walker With 'White Walker' Whisky#97357e9637c4

At the moment, there is very little information to build on. Whether the blend will be specially created for the final season, or whether it will be a unique bottling of existing liquid remains to be seen. All we know is that the bottle will be released in fall 2018, before the final season airs in spring 2019.  On alcoholic beverages, a range of beers and wines have already been released in collaboration with the Game of Thrones brand, but this will be the first spirit, delivered through a collaboration between HBO and Diageo.

Maybe you'll see dragons when you drink it..but that usually happens when I drink Scotch anyway!

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