Jake's Story: A word of warning for those who use Retractable Leashes.

Jake's Story: A word of warning for those who use Retractable Leashes.


Good Morning Everyone, Juno’s mom here....

One year ago today we attended an event and sadly Jake was attacked and hurt very bad.Why are we revisiting this?Because there are a lot of things I never said and we want to state what really happened!Event season is starting and people need to remember to be responsible for pets at events!Here’s how it went down!I was standing talking to a friend with a leashed Jake standing in front of me.When from my right a large dog reached over and snatched Jake.Jake had his back to the dog...Never antagonized the dog...Never saw it coming!

This attack was 100% unprovoked!The dog at first had to drop Jake because of the spikes on Jakes harness at his neck area then the dog picked Jake up from the back end and Shook him like a rag doll.I still had Jakes leash in my hand which I later had leash burns from never letting go.The struggle went on for what seemed like forever and I dropped swear words that I never in my life used!

The dog had the lower half of Jakes body in his mouth and almost down throat.The owner of the dog grabbed Jake by his front legs and tried to pull him out to where I yelled “ your ripping my dog apart you Mother F!At one point a man came with a bucket of water and threw it on the dogs...I didn’t see that at first I saw the large dog twist Jake and when the water hit them, I honestly thought that was Jakes insides coming out.I started to feel dizzy and started seeing stars!

A dog trainer who attended the event did everything your taught to break up a dog fight.Grabbing back legs and even sticking fingers up rectum... the dog wouldn’t let go of Jake!This dog wasn’t playing... the intent was to kill Jake!Also the other dog in family wanted piece of action and jumped in!He was dragged away by Melanie and taken across he field! I don’t know where Sarena came from but she was suddenly there...Her and the dog trainer ( wish I knew her name to thank her) each grabbed jaw and pried Jake from the dogs mouth! The minute he hit the ground two techs from VCA Wakefield scooped him up and ran for their car yelling directions to me!I heard nothing.....I kept saying I didn’t know where I was and I have no clue where your taking my dog..and I don’t want him dying with you... your strangers to him!

A friend drove us to the VCA where Jake was stabilized and ready to be transported to home turf to be treated by his vet at VCA Boston Road Springfield.The drive there was awful...Jake was sedated and wrapped in a blanket and I had no idea how bad he was under the blanket!He was taken in immediately and shaved and had surgery to insert five drains and more stitches then I could count!I had friends calling, texting, emailing and sitting in the lobby!

To state the truth I had 100% battery on my phone when I went in and 0% when I came out.I spoke on the phone to the girlfriend of the man who owned dogs! Never have we ever heard from the true owner!They put a 500 deposit on the bill. I took photos of bill and texted iy to them. An agreement was made that the bill would be paid by them slowly but surely.That was one year ago!Never have we heard from them again.No call, text, email... nothing!They have my cell number, bill, home address and know about Juno’s Place!Never EVER heard from them again.I know going on so many beach trips takes up time and money...But hey.. a call or text asking about Jake would have been nice.

Would have also been nice if you kept promise to take care of bill.So what’s happened after one year?Attending events if Jake hears dogs getting into a scuffle or barking....he shakes and cries.He is completely terrified of his sister Nikki because she has a deep bark. He has a huge V shaped chunk missing from his tongue.Not to mention my nerves whenever someone approaches us at an event with a dog.Plus the replay of the whole event over and over in my mind! The horror and guilt held by that days event organizer and the 50 or more people who witnessed the event having a great day and having it end like that!You have no idea how much this has annoyed me over the last year.Many may think I am a jerk for bringing it up and I really don’t care!Your dog wasn’t flung around like a toy in front of your eyes and to the horror of like 50 other people!I must stress the dogs that attacked Jake were NOT pit bulls!When I say that it’s like people don’t believe me!They were not pit bulls.. they were large dogs who didn’t belong there and showed signs early in event that they didn’t belong there!This was a charity event and we were invited guests... the whole thing sucked!So......When attending eventsNo retractable leashesIf your dog is miserable.. go home!Respect othersIf your dog causes harm.. take responsibility!

Please...Please be careful at events with your dogs...and childrenFreak things happen!This ends my long post That’s what happened and for those who thought the owner stepped up to the plate... never did!Hope they enjoy their vacations and next time something happens with their dogs they take responsibility because trust me if they did it once.. they may do it again and it will be a child next time with a cracker in their hand!Because like I said earlier this attack was 100% unprovoked , we had our backs to them!We want to thank everyone who helped us that day!And Thank you for the messages, thoughts and prayers from our pack members from all over the world!

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