Girl Gets Into EVERY College...Picks Yale

Zoe Hopson is a down-home girl that loves her community and takes pride in where she comes from. She got into all 10 colleges she applied to…including EVERY Ivy League one (and Duke), but she picked NEW HAVEN, CT over them all!

She said her decision to go to Yale was based on the confidence she built living here in South Georgia.

"I think being from a small town was kind of my pull for college admission professors," said Hopson.

Being a small town girl hasn't stopped Zoe Hopson

"I think it's me being able to communicate with people of all different backgrounds, ages, and things like that because Albany's such a close-knit town, you're kind of forced to kind of talk to people," she said.

Everyone who knows Zoe says they admire how well she knows herself.

"She has a great awareness of who she is, she knows what she can do," said her former literature teacher, Debbie Allen.

With a 4.72 GPA, 10 acceptance letters to schools like Duke, USC, Howard, and Spelman, and over $20,000 in scholarships, and three weeks to graduation, Zoe said she is excited about her next steps.

"I stepped on Yale's campus and I knew that I was home. I knew that I could grow there and develop there, and become more of myself there. It was more of a feeling," said Zoe.

Zoe will double major in Cognitive Science and Spanish.

She said her passion is children and she wants to use her double major to help develop the minds of children with autism.

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