Fidelco Guide Dog International Guide Dog Day

Fidelco Guide Dog International Guide Dog Day

Listen below to Eliot D. Russman, President & Chief Executive Officer talk about how Fidelco pairs elite guide dogs with blind people all over North America for no cost at all to the clients.  Also learn about the Open House and Lions Appreciation Day at the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation on Saturday, May 19 from 10a.m.-2p.m. at the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, Bloomfield Campus.

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Fidelco staff, volunteers, and supporters welcomed Lillian Johnson and guide dog "Lucy" to the Bloomfield campus for a very special International Guide Dog Day lunch and learn event.

The gathering fostered meaningful conversation about the power of our collective efforts in transforming the lives of Fidelco clients. It's not often that our various stakeholder communities have the opportunity to experience - firsthand - the significance of their selfless volunteer service, financial support, and passion in such a dynamic, interactive forum.

Lillian shared inspiring stories about her successful and unencumbered life of adventure since receiving her first Fidelco guide dog in 1988; she is an international cross country ski champion in Norway, an avid tandem bicyclist, trail hiker, and canoeist. Now partnered with Lucy, her fourth guide dog, the adventure continues.

Lillian currently sits on Fidelco's Board of Directors and serves on the Corporate Governance and Development Committees. She works with Tufts New England Medical Center facilitating insight for third year medical students in working with persons with disabilities.

On this International Guide Dog Day, you can join us in celebrating guide dog partnerships - perhaps the epitome of the human-canine bond - by supporting Fidelco's life-changing mission.

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