GoFundMe Page For Humboldt Broncos Raises $15M!!

While so many people seem to want to make themselves victims on social media these days, we learned what real victims are earlier this month after the tragic accident that took the lives of so many young men for the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team in Canada.

But in a story that shows how amazing people can also be on social media, the GoFundMe account collecting funds for the Broncos closed at midnight Wednesday after raising more than $15 million in less than two weeks, as more than 140,000 people donated from more than 80 countries.

The original goal for the GoFundMe campaign? $5-grand.

It is the second-largest GoFundMe campaign globally, trailing only the $21.5-million raised for the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund.

The team announced that funds donated through the GoFundMe campaign will be transferred to a newly created nonprofit called the Humboldt Memorial Fund Inc. An advisory committee is being established and will make recommendations on how the fund will be allocated.

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