New Britain Company Donates Roof To Veteran

What if someone told you they could get you a new roof, for free?

A CT veteran and his family thought it was too good to be true, but, that's exactly what happened.

"This is a total blessing,” said veteran Brian Flannigan.

Flannigan works for a solar company, and back in October, he was in the middle of a consultation where learned he had a lot in common with the client, Klingberg Family Centers in New Britain.

"We got to know each other. He served in the military, and I told him that I served,” Flannigan said.

They got to talking about Brian’s situation. The home he and his family bought in West Hartford needed unforeseen repairs and a new roof.

"He decided he didn't want to do the solar thing, but he said, I’ve got something else for you! He said, I’ll get you a free roof,” Flannigan said.

Klingberg Family Centers connected Klaus Larsen Roofing to the veteran.

This is now the third veteran Klaus Larsen has helped through his Santa Klaus Project.

On Tuesday, members of the Klaus Larsen Roofing team were hard at work at the Flannigan’s house.

"We really pride ourselves on being able to give back to the community and service the people who serve us,” said Victoria Cosma, of Klaus Larsen Roofing.

Brian's wife Chelsea said what this company does is a great thing for veterans.

"They sign up to do whatever it takes for our country and their families,” Chelsea Flannigan said, adding "I just want to say thank you to Klaus Larsen Roofing and to everyone involved. We're really, really grateful."

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