Every State Has An Epic Adventure...What's CT's?

Here’s one of the amazing things about The United States. It’s massive. Each state’s like its own little country with its own story and adventure. Whether it’s a nominal car ride away or an epic journey, this is a land filled with experiences just waiting to be had. With summer creeping in, Men’s Journal just put out a list of the best adventure each state has to offer.

In Connecticut, get ready to SAIL IN MYSTIC! Mystic Village dates back to 1654, and you can still find old-school schooners docked at the seaport. After exploring Fishers Island Sound, sail to nearby Mumford Cove or Mouse Island to dig for fresh clams and oysters.

Here are some highlights to put on your own personal “to do” list:

  • Alabama – Roaming the Bankhead National Forest gets you more than 90 miles of wilderness trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and more waterfalls that you can count.
  • Arizona – Off-roading the deserts of Sedona – some of the nation’s best.
  • Colorado – You’d think whitewater, which is awesome, but you owe it to yourself to check out the 12-miles of West Maroon Pass trail.
  • Florida – Coming out of the Everglades are rivers like the Watson and Chatham where you’ll see the closest thing to what it was like centuries ago that you’ll find in the state.
  • Hawaii – Not easily accessible but charter a boat to the Sea Caves of the Napoli Coast and your jaw will drop.
  • Georgia – Ellison’s Cave in Northern Georgia doesn’t look like much from the outside…but that’s only from the outside.
  • Iowa – Chickasaw Park Quarry has cliffs ranging from 15-to-50 feet just waiting to be jumped off of…just don’t be a jackass and hurt yourself.
  • Minnesota – The Superior Hiking Trail lives up to its name for 310 miles.
  • Texas – The Devil’s River outside Del Rio is a kayaker’s paradise.

Now, check out the full state list HERE, and find your next story to tell.


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