Tips On How To Keep Your Pet Safe At The Groomer

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TIPS OnHow To Keep Your Pet Safe At The Groomer - With another horror story about a dog dying while getting groomed, pet owners are concerned. Dr Oz will have a special about this today too.

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How can this happen and how can you keep your fur baby safe? Just because a groomer works for a reputable company doesn’t mean they are. Here’s how to do your homework.

  • Check the groomer;s credentials. Make sure they are up on the latest info, know pet CPR, and have a clean record.
  • Stay with your pet. Watch through the observation window. If they don’t have one…take your pet elsewhere.
  • Find out what type of drying equipment they use and make the appropriate decision. If a forced dryer is used be aware that it may take your dog’s breath away, which will obviously psychologically affect them as well as physically.
  • Share any medical information about the pet and tell the groomer exactly how you want your pet handled.
  • Follow your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, take Fluffy elsewhere.


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