Laura Boyer Owner/Founder of Boyer Educational Consulting

Laura Boyer Owner/Founder of Boyer Educational Consulting

Listen below to hear Laura Boyer, Owner/Founder of Boyer Educational Consulting, talk about how she began her business and is helping high school students succeed academically and personally. The programs and services are specifically tailored to each students' needs.


Over the past 16 years, Laura Boyer has worked with students and families to help them navigate the educational and social aspects of high school and the college application process. Laura's experiences working in higher education and high school college counseling along with her graduate work, which focused on adolescent development and family dynamics, allows her to be aware of the many challenges and opportunities created by this exciting, yet demanding time period. 


Boyer Educational Consulting will guide students to become architects of their own education. We strive to give students the tools to develop resiliency within their academic and personal lives, which will positively affect their relationships and experiences, and help shape their futures.

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