Cleaning to Kill the FLU!! Here's how!!

Cleaning to Kill the FLU!! Here's how!! Door knobs, desk phones, cell phones, hard surfaces like counter tops, MOVIE THEATERS???????

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Flu season is in full swing and chances are the bacteria could be sprawling around your own home.

Cleaning businesses are working harder than ever to make sure the flu isn’t in your home.

“Door knobs, door handles, remote controls, keyboards, cell phones, things that you’re always touching,” said Lola Yhap.

Yhap launched her business, Clean Tribes, two months ago during the thick of this record breaking flu season.

Her workers wear disposable face masks and shoe covers.

“We’re getting more calls for cleaning and for more regular cleanings too because prevention is better than cure,” Yhap said.

Products are flu friendly, disposable toilet bowl cleaners, vacuums with fine filters, and Clorox wipes or a steamer.

“If the person had the flu, I do highly recommend a deep clean. This is more cleaning everything. The windows, going into the closet, the drawers, everything like that,” Yhap said.

Dr. John Yaylagul of Velocity Urgent Care said enclosed areas like movie theaters are the most dangerous.

A person with the flu can spread the virus up to six feet away. Studies show the flu lives between 15 minutes and 24 hours outside of the body, according to Yaylagul.

Yaylagul said the flu virus thrives on hard surfaces lasting anywhere between 24 to 48 hours. He’s recommending hand washing like many others, even if you don’t have soap he says to rub, rub, rub for 15 to 20 seconds.

“I change my toothbrush like every month though. Like I’m super OCD about that. I change my toothbrush, I wash my pillow sheets like every two weeks, things like that. Basic health care stuff I’m super, super paranoid about,” said Jess Rodriguez from Rocky Hill.

“Definitely the telephones at work. Many people share the phones where I work, so I always clean the phones when I get to work during the day and keyboards for sure,” said Dorothy Rotolo of Rocky Hill.

The owner of Clean Tribes said if she has a flu customer, she waits at least a couple days before sending her crew to clean the home.

“I will never send my workers out ,for the safety of my workers and their families,” said Yhap.

Clean Tribes is offering a 25 percent off coupon code, which can be found here.

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