Desmond's Army on who they are and what they do!

Desmond's Army on who they are and what they do! Take a listen to our interview below about what exactly Desmond's Army stands for and how they are helping to create CHANGE!


Our Mission

Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates is a group of volunteer citizens who work together to better the lives of animals. Together with CT lawmakers, we work to create and enact stricter laws pertaining to those who abuse, neglect or abandon animals. We seek to raise public awareness regarding these laws and the statistical connection between animal abuse and domestic violence (and other acts of violence). We do so through our presence at every animal abuse court case in CT and at other animal related events.

Desmond’s Army will award a scholarship to a law student who becomes a (pro-bono) animal advocate through the use of “Desmond’s Law”.

We will also assist in funding veterinarian costs for animal victims of cruelty.

We are and will continue to be ‘a voice for the voiceless’.



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