Fidelco Guide Dogs Pet Tips & Care: TICKS ARE HERE! A Pet Safety Reminder!

Fidelco Guide Dogs Pet Tips & Care: TICKS ARE HERE! A Pet Safety Reminder! Take a listen to our interview with our special guest Eliot Russman, President and CEO of Fidelco Guide Dogs. Winter weather and cold temperatures do not mean you pets, dogs and cats, are safe from ticks, fleas and heartworm! We still need to be vigilant about protection against diseases that pose a serious health risk to our pets. Especially caused by ticks!

Ticks pose a serious health issue for people and pets…with lifetime implications. In Connecticut, Lyme Disease in dogs in now Endemic…which means that 75% of unprotected dogs will eventually test positive for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. - Eliot Russman, President & CEO of Fidelco Guide Dogs


The pup house is very busy – even overflowing at times – and Fidelco Guide Dogs is always looking for loving homes to help us raise these elite, future guide dog partners.

CLICK HERE to learn more about puppy raising, or to make a life-changing donation or to get information about upcoming events.

Partners in Exceptional

Together, our teams achieve whatever tasks they set their minds to.

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation is committed to partnering men and women who are blind with our elite breed of German Shepherd Guide Dogs. Thanks solely to the generosity of our donors and tireless work of our staff and volunteers, Fidelco is able to create exceptional guide dog partnerships that empower our clients' independence and forever change their lives.

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