Heart Gallery: Be A Foster Parent or Adopt!

Heart Gallery: We all have love to give. Be A Foster Parent or Adopt!      


What is the Heart Gallery? 

The Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find   forever families for children in foster care. The Heart Gallery of America is a collaborative   project of over 80 Heart Galleries across the United States designed to increase the number   of adoptive families for children needing homes in our community. 

Now, in its sixteenth year, the Heart Gallery model is being replicated in many communities   across the country. Although many of our children were removed from abusive and neglectful   situations, they still have hope. They love to laugh, to learn, and to be with their friends.   Most of all, they dream of finding a forever family to be their own. 

Please take a moment to meet and view some of the wonderful children featured below and be sure to CLICK HERE to get connected directly to The Heart Gallery and more videos and stories. 

 For information about any of these children, 

e-mail Jackie @jacqueline.ford@ct.gov, or call1-888-KID-HERO

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