Basketball Coach's Quick Reaction Saves Team When Bus Driver Passes Out

Justin Smith was relaxing on a bus with the University of Dubuque women’s basketball team when the bus hit a guard rail on Route 24 in Kentucky. Smith, the teams assistant coach, jumped out of his seat, grabbed the wheel and slammed on the breaks bringing the out of control bus to a stop. 

The bus driver had passed out at the wheel while the bus was going 70-MPH and Smith said he "was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The actual initial accident and me jumping out and grabbing the wheel felt like three seconds.”

After the bus stopped, Smith jumped off the bus and ran behind it trying to redirect cars to prevent any further accidents until emergency personnel arrived. The driver was conscious when police arrived was and taken to a nearby hospital. 

Luckily, nobody other than the driver was injured. If it wasn't for Smith's quick thinking and lighting quick reflexes, it could have been much worse.

Photo: Getty Images

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