Human Trafficking is in our state. Help The Salvation Army save lives.

Human Trafficking is in our state. Help The Salvation Army save lives.

In all my years on air and host of iHeartCommunties, there have only been 3 times I've been silenced in the studio. This was one of those interviews. I'm so incredibly humbled by the strength and courage it took for this anonymous donor and woman in my studio to reveal her sexual assault, such a personal story, on air. No one in our studio was prepared for this or knew about this horrific experience that happened to this woman. She, along with her husband, are helping to fund the anti-human trafficking situation here in Connecticut and beyond with The Salvation Army. I will warn you as you listen, you can fell the silence as she speaks, you can hear and feel her pain and her unwavering strength and commitment to help others. This was a life changing moment for us all in the studio and presence of such an amazing human. Please listen. Please help.

The Salvation Army's efforts in Anti-Human Trafficking and the matching gift challenge. Please listen to our interview with Brenda Downing (Divisional Social Services Director - The Salvation Army), Dawn Fleming (Director of Donor Relations - The Salvation Army) and and Anonymous Donor.

  •  National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 (888) 373-7888 
  • Call Krystal locally at  860-543-8413 x 109

Our Anonymous Donor has invested the seed money to launch the matching gift challenge.


It costs $100K per year to run AHT and that we are seeking 3 years of funding or $300,000. We have a little more than half of that amount, but need others to invest in this important initiative

  • While gifts at all levels are deeply appreciated, we need other investors to have a fully functioning initiative
  • Gifts of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and more have made all the difference in assisting the Army to launch other life-changing initiatives. We need those who are able to step forward and make a transformational gift at this level . . .
  • Investments like this truly make a difference - you can save a life!
  • The easiest way to support The Salvation Army's Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative is to visit or Text the word RESCUE to 71777 or reach out to me personally at The Salvation Army in Hartford.


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