Black Friday Breather Clinic Helps Shoppers Distress this Holiday Season


- ct family acupuncture offers free stress relief treatment on november 24th -

 The holidays have the unique ability to be both extremely joyful and stressful at the same time. Between shopping, decorating, and cooking, many people don’t think they have time to relax. But what if you could recharge simply by pressing on a specific point on your ear? Learn about ear seeds, a popular trend in acupuncture therapy, and enjoy a FREE stress relief, mini-acupuncture treatment at Connecticut Family Acupuncture’s “Black Friday Breather” clinic on Friday, November 24th.

“Our practice is all about physical and emotional balance, and it’s very easy for people to neglect their own well-being during the holidays,” said Matt Maneggia, owner of CT Family Acupuncture. “Our goal with the clinic is to reduce stress with a quick treatment, then provide them with tools to easily maintain that balance.”

Shoppers who drop by the special event at 173 Oakwood Avenue in West Hartford anytime between noon – 4:00pm will be pampered with a free 15-minute, stress-relieving “mini” acupuncture treatment. They can also purchase ear seed kits that they can use at home to maintain that serenity throughout the season and beyond.

Maneggia explains that ear seeds are actual tiny black Vaccaria seeds adhered to the outside of the ear with tan or clear tape. Because the treatment is non-invasive, patients can apply them regularly at home by themselves. Once it’s attached, gently pressing on the seed directly stimulates the central nervous system to relieve stress and pain.

“Think of ear seeds as DIY acupuncture on the go,” said Maneggia. “Just as acupuncture needles target specific points on the body, ear seeds are placed at different areas of the ear to help regulate the body’s internal processes and functions. This treatment is used for many conditions, including pain, mood disorders, obesity and addiction.”

Acupuncture ear seeds are part of a larger practice called auriculotherapy, which utilizes the theory that the ear is a complex microsystem with each point corresponding to an organ or area of the body. The therapy stimulates these points to alleviate certain conditions and promotes circulation and detoxification.

Maneggia notes ear seeds are used by celebrities and people around the world to treat anxiety, depression, eyes and vision, focus and memory, insomnia, back pain, stress, and more. They’re even used to help people lose weight and stop smoking. They can be used in conjunction with a personalized acupuncture treatment plan.

Shoppers can give others the gift of wellness with 20% off Chinese herbal products and ear seed kits to treat pain, mental ailments, and weight control. Gift certificates are also available.

Additionally, in the spirit of giving to those in need, Connecticut Family Acupuncture kicks off a holiday clothing collection for the House of Bread in Hartford. The nonprofit organization is in need of new hats, gloves and long underwear in all sizes for the men, women and children they serve. Since 1980, the House of Bread has been offering daily meals, shelter, transitional living, affordable housing, education, a Thrift Shop, and job training programs to city families. Donations can be dropped off at Connecticut Family Acupuncture in West Hartford or Bolton from Nov. 24th through Dec. 17th.

Since 2007, Connecticut Family Acupuncture has utilized acupuncture, TCM work, and cupping to help thousands of people realize their optimum health naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. All practitioners exceed state and national requirements for licensure in acupuncture combined with an extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nationally certified by the NCCAOM and licensed by the CT Department of Public Health. Two locations: West Hartford Acupuncture at 173 Oakwood Avenue in West Hartford and 1212 Boston Turnpike in Bolton. To schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation, call 860.809.1125 or visit

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