Creeperum Trap A Celebrity Fundraiser for CT Dog Gone Recovery!

Creeperum Trap A Celebrity Fundraiser for CT Dog Gone Recovery! Hear our interview ( below)  with Carol Ferrucci of Ct Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers below, they do amazing work reuniting people with their pets! PLEASE HELP!!!

Renee DiNino of The River 105.9 and iHeartCommunities along with Cory Myers & Damon Scott of Country 92.5 will be TRAPPED until you free them! To save them on October 12th we're looking to raise $250 each to get them out of their TRAPS all for Ct Dog Gone Recovery! CLICK HERE to see their fundraising efforts!! ( FYI - Damon & Cory have to get up really early - so we need to raise money for them FAST!!!!) OR click on photo!!! THANK YOU for help us raise money for this awesome group of e people!! PLEASE CLICK HERE OR PHOTO TO GET DIRECTLY TO FUNDRAISING EFFORTS!!!

Calling all scaredy help the dogs. Are you ready to get scared? Well we have the place for you. Creeperum, in Hamden is an indoor Haunted House and the location of our next fundraiser. Thursday Oct 12, 2017 is the "CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers Trap a Celebrity Night" at Creeperum. You can purchase tickets for the Haunted House online using the link below. You MUST put in the code: DOGSTAR when purchasing tickets. This allows CTDGRV to receive a portion of all the money from tickets sold in advance. 

We are also having a "Trap a Celebrity" Event. We will have 3 local celebrities trapped in a kennel dog traps. We will be taking donations to have them released from the traps. We will be doing this live the night of October 12th outside of Creeperum. We will add details of how that will work later. Please purchase your Creeperum Haunted House tickets in advance for any night during the season using the code "DOGSTAR"and CTDGRV will get a portion of the ticket. That's right, you can go anytime and still help. 

Purchase tickets in advance at Code: DOGSTAR 

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