Is she coming back? Sherry DeGenova in her words.

Is she coming back? Sherry DeGenova in her words.

In light of a recent article written including information about Sherry DeGenova, we thought we'd better clarify a few things IN HER WORDS. When former Hartford ACO Sherry was laid off in May of 2016 it was hard not to take it personally, but that's just it, it wasn't personal -but because of her work ethic and strong ties to the Hartford community it felt extremely personal. (Brand new interview below recorded on 10.4.17 at 9am)

There's not one person we chatted with inside the Hartford PD, Mayor's office or in the community that wanted this to happen but due to budgetary reasons Sherry, along with many other city and state employees were laid off.

Through continued conversations and outreach, it was soon clear that another ACO was and is desperately needed for Hartford and this was recognized! Through proper procedures and protocol, plans were made and now in motion. In light of privacy issues, not all of this and every decision can be made public. 

With consent from my, (Renee DiNino), contact at Hartford PD, we wanted to do a very quick interview to give you details that can be shared and hope you respect the privacy of Sherry DeGenova and that of the Hartford PD and those involved while this process is completed. This is all positive news and the community, people and pets, will be the beneficiaries of this wonderful decision to bring Sherry back from our local leaders. Please take a listen to Sherry in her own words:



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