Happy Birthday Roger Waters of Pink Floyd! Now on Tour Us + Them

Happy Birthday to Roger Waters, 74 of Pink Floyd!!! Now on Tour Us + Them

The most active of all the Floyd members, he has toured extensively as a solo act since 1999, playing The Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety as well as the current and hugely successful Us + Them tour

Roger Waters Us + Them Private Rehearsal! Exclusive Photos & Audio!Read more: http://theriver1059.iheart.com/featured/renee/content/2017-05-22-roger-waters-us-them-private-rehearsal-exclusive-photos-audio/#ixzz4rtlIHz8W

We were able to see the concert in a private setting before the tour officially hit the US and it was amazing! CLICK here to see photos and hear exclusive audio from that night! WOW!!! He'll be here on September 24 at the XL Center.


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