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Meet Copper! The Cheeky Fella!

Meet Copper!  

It's Copper's social media debut! My goodness, let's have a chat about this guy.

Copper was abandoned outside by his previous owner(s). He was found by a friendly woman who brought him to us! He is...definitely...used to being around people.

He has this amazing fire red coat and the deepest meow at the shelter. Seriously, it's like a crackly baritone yeowl...all of the volunteers recognize him. Loves attention and being petted.

And recently, we discovered that he knows how to open cage doors with his teeth. Clever, cheeky fella.

-About 3 years old

-Neutered, healthy, up-to-date on vaccines

-Should be the only cat in the house because he's sassy with select cat residents. Not MEAN, just sassy.

If Copper sounds like a good fit for you, fill out an application here!

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