Marlborough Abduction Update: Can you identify this suspect?

MARLBOROUGH, CT (WFSB) - State police are seeking help from the public following an abduction and robbery in Marlborough.

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On Saturday, state police said a 64-year-old woman was assaulted by two men while in the parking lot of the Big Y World Class Market in town.

Police have released images, including one of a suspect and another of the car the suspects had been driving.

Troopers said the suspects showed a handgun, stole the victim’s car and robbed her.

State police said the woman was loading groceries into her car at the time when she was approached by the two young men who were wearing masks.

They demanded money from the victim, then threw her into the back seat of her own car.

Troopers said when the men showed the handgun, they then placed a bag over her head and assaulted her by hitting her in the face with an object several times.

The two men then drove to the DND Food Mart in East Hartford where one of the suspects withdrew cash from the victim’s ATM card, troopers said.

State police said the two suspects then drove to Berlin where they threw the victim out of her car and lit the vehicle on fire on fire behind a building.

"Taking the cars and then they, whoever steals them, they go out and rob a place, and use that vehicle [and] hit a pedestrian with it. It's something you have to be on the alert [for]," Mederos said.

For Hespeler, however, she wishes something this terrifying didn’t happen so close to home.

"You want to trust people. There's a lot of good people out there, but things like this happen and you become very skeptical, and you question everything, which is not the way I like to live my life," Hespeler said.

Investigators are looking for two men who are accused of abducting a woman on Saturday.

"I was really shocked because I didn’t think that would happen here because I feel really safe in this town," said Bridgete Varnum, Hebron. "I come here all the time, my brother works in the Big Y."

State police sought to remind the public to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious activity immediately.

"Make sure that when you’re leaving or going into a business you take the time, put yours phone away," said Dawn Pagan, Connecticut State Police. "A lot of us are very, very busy. Society today is very, very busy. We’re always looking to get to our next location."

Pagan recommended always having the car keys ready when leaving a business, and keeping a vehicle locked.

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact State Police at 860-465-5469.


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