Exclusive: Connecticut Woman's Horrifying Package Delivery

Exclusive: Connecticut Woman's Horrifying Package Delivery! An East Hartford woman ordered an insect removal product from Amazon. She spent $14.88 and it was posted as new and through her Prime membership. It arrived used, with dead mosquitoes, trash and more. She gave us permission to post photos.

We spoke with the woman who was terribly upset, " I brought this in my home, into my kitchen and opened what I thought was a brand new package. It appeared fine, I know the driver who is very nice, he delivered what he thought was a new package too!'

Inside the mailing package, was a bag that had clearly been opened with crumpled labeling, a used towel and dead flies. She didn't open the bag after seeing that the package was clearly damaged and smelled.

" I was horrified, and panicked that I may have gotten something on my hands, I have pets - I tossed it out of my house at first and scrubbed my hands and the area it touched." She went on to say, she put it on the ground to take photos to share with Amazon.

When she contacted Amazon and spoke with a representative, they told her they don't need the photos or proof, but rather instead refunded her money. When she asked what would be done, he said they would look into it. Upon more of a conversation, he also gave her an additional $10 credit.

The woman would like to keep her name private, but warns to be careful where you open your packages! As for the $10 dollar credit? She politely declined the the offer and just asked they make sure who the companies they deal with are reputable.

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