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Please feel free to send adoptable pet picks via our Community Access FB Page: CLICK HERE and be sure to like us too! Follow on Twitter at @MyCTCommunity too! You can email me at: Below the Pet Picks are missing and found pets that is always updated. Please take a look! 


New Britain, CT - Meet Cannoli. He is approximately 5 years old and a petite little thing, weighing in at just 10 lbs. This boy was living under a bridge in Hartford eating garbage that he could find. He was infested with fleas and completely exhausted from living on the streets! Despite his past, he is one of the sweetest little dogs I've met! He'd be perfectly content snuggling with you all day! He's a huge cuddler! He loves to be held like a baby. He's not much into's almost like he's never played with them. He seems to have a bit of guarding issues with other animals so I think he would prefer to be an only pet. He would also enjoy a calmer environment. He's doing really well with potty training but is also wearing a belly band in the meantime.He is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped and HW tested. He's looking for a family that he can retire with. Please email me for an application.Reference checks and home visit required.Thank


*** EMERGENCY ***TIME IS UP. Please share this handsome boy

Flex needs help ASAP.

He is breaking our hearts. We have posted him endless times and he is all over Facebook - yet nothing. Any interested party was either a bad fit or a dead end. He currently is kept in a separate part of his foster mom’s house (he has no where else to go) because he does not get along with her male bully who is very dominant and protective over her female. We have tried tirelessly for months to find this boy a home, and in many years of working in rescue, have never had such a difficult time placing a dog. Due to his age and the fact that he has had little training it makes placing him so much more difficult because he needs a very specific home (no kids, preferably no other dogs but it’s not a deal breaker) He is sick of being separated and our hearts break for him everyday. Flex’s foster mom gives him as much exercise and attention as she can, but because he is separate from her pack, it’s just not enough. He gets frustrated when he is pent up as anyone would. He is NOT aggressive, he is bored and he needs more than what he is getting. He currently stays on the fully enclosed porch. It is air conditioned and a wonderful spot for foster pups in the summer, although with the winter coming up the porch can no longer be utilized for fosters as there is NO heat. With the cold weather approaching, Flex truly has no where to go.

Flex is VERY friendly towards everyone he meets. He loves to go for walks and car rides, he is VERY smart and WILLING TO LEARN. Yet nobody has given him the chance to prove himself. He can not be with kids, he needs an adult household with someone who is patient and willing to work with him, this is only due to his size and strength. He is around 7 years old. We are DESPERATE to find Flex a temporary or permanent place to stay. Please please please - if you can help Flex - email

Check out this little darling! Adoptable Sweet Pea is as sweet as can be!

This gentle, loving, well-mannered girl is full grown, 4 year old Shepard Mix. She is house and crate trained, gets along with dogs big and small, and loves to snuggle her people! She is so well behaved she doesn't require a crate, but likes to hang out in her kennel with the door open. Learn more and apply for adoption at #adoptdontshop#adoptabledogsofinstagram

Hi everyone!! I need your HELP! This is Rocky, isn't he ADORABLE?🐾 

He needs a new home asap!! He's approximately 8 months old, UTD on vaccines, but not yet neutered. He's housebroken w/the occasional accident, knows basic commands, and has plenty of puppy energy. He would be best in a home w/older kids due to his energy, and no cats. I'm trying to prevent his owner from bringing him to a shelter so if you are interested, contact me. If you aren't, please share!!! Thank you!


Nico needs a home ASAP!!

Hi everyone, I was contacted today by a friend of mine who needs a hand finding a home for Nico, a 7 year old male cat, he is neutered and utd on shots. (They cat lives in a quiet enviroment and would probably do best being re-homed to the same type of environment. Indoor only.)His owner has terminal lung and bone cancer. He's extremely worried about what will happen to Nico when he passes and it's making everything worse for him. Owner is at home with around the clock care and has the cat with him, and wants Nico there until he passes. (Unfortunately at this time we don't know how much time this gentleman has left, so we're trying to see if anyone would be interested in adopting this cat in the near future. If you could please share this post I'd greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions please contact me or Stacie Rhault. Thank you.


DUTY CALLS - Hartford, CT ~ Sofia came from an abusive home where the owner had all intentions of her being his next "fighter" dog... until one day the owner beat her to the point of her finally defending herself. When she did, she was thrown in her crate and put outside where she stayed for almost a week before a family member felt bad enough for her and gave her to a family. Sofia's foster dad quickly fell in love with her and decided to keep her....HOWEVER, her foster dad has been called away to the military and Sofia has no one to watch over her for the 10-12 months. I promised him that I would ask if there was a foster willing to hold on to her but we know that this may be very difficult and so he has stated that if a good home comes along for her, he wants what is best for her. 😞Here is what we know about Sofia...~She is a year old~Good with kids (respectful kids of course)~Good with dogs with a proper introduction~Cats unknown ~Spayed, Vaccinated, Microchipped ~Very chill and loves to cuddle

I have met Miss Sophia, she is very sweet. When I bent down to pet her, she coward. She has come a great distance but would do great with an understanding family ❤️Please share this girl...let's put her dad mind at ease while he's preparing to serve our Country.

Please email The 


Hello everyone! We are looking for a foster home for this adorable little nine-year-old mini schnauzer. Her name is Nena. Unfortunately her family can no longer keep her and we will be taking custody of her on 8/26. She will be going to the vet straight from her current home. We are really hoping to try to find a foster that may be interested in potentially adopting her. We just don't want to have to uproot her again after what I'm sure will be stressful leaving her home of nine years. She is good with cats and dogs and has grown up with children. She was a little nervous meeting us at first but she warmed up and showed absolutely no aggression towards handling at all. If you think you may be able to help Nena, please email us at We provide all supplies for our foster homes and she will be vaccinated, heartworm/Lyme tested, and she will be spayed once we get results of blood work due to her age. Please share! Nena is located in Hartford CT.


Please help me get them adopted together!

The dogs need to be rehomed due to a divorce. :(  These two girls are being surrendered to the Town of Woodbury today. If interested please contact


The cat in the pictures is a 4 year old female, she's spayed, but not up to date on shots. (Last shots 3 years ago.)~ She is an indoor cat only, friendly, likes to cuddle, great cat but stresses and gets anxious when there's dogs around. ~

FROM ORIGINAL EMAIL: (I'm sharing her for a good friend of mine.) My friend has a friend that had an accident and now has a traumatic brain injury and can't care for the cat any more. He is now moving home where his parents can care for him.This is a sweet cat and we want her to get a good forever home. Email


We do not have an adoption event this weekend but we do have some awesome dogs who'd love to meet you!

Duke, Tilly, Blondie, Joseph, Jasmine, Sandy, Souiee, & Bailey are eagerly waiting with wagging tails!

Email for an appointment ~


What's that? I can't hear you?? I'm ready for a family?

That's right Beau is all ready to go! This guy is all smiles and kisses. He is a total love (loves the little people too). He is about 1-2 years old and is a healthy guy. He seems to like other dogs and may enjoy having a playmate in his forever home. Beau will be posted soon but in the mean time for more information contact Ashley at for more information about Beau.


Say "hi" to Willis! (Will for short)

He is available for adoption at Ledyard Animal Control!

Will is fixed and up to date on his vaccinations. The shelter believes he is around 3-4 years old and he weighs about 50 pounds.

Will would like to go to a home with kids who are over 10 years old, and without any cats. ;) However, he would like to potentially share his home with a canine sibling!

Hound experience a must, fenced-in yard preferred.

Although not showing any symptoms, Will he did test positive for Lyme and is being currently being treated.

If you are interested in adopting Will, please contact Ledyard Animal Control at (860) 464-9621!


And PLEASE don't forget about Brass City's BEN, who is URGENT!

Brass City Rescue Alliance is losing their 1 1/2 year old Ben to kennel stress and without a foster, they may have to put him to sleep.

Ben is losing weight at a dramatic rate and cannot calm down despite all efforts to help him. It's almost to the point where it's inhumane to prolong his suffering.

He needs a foster home with NO other animals and children age 10+. The foster family must be willing to meet with their trainer 1-2 times weekly.

Ben is a doll in a house--the perfect dog-- but he needs proper handling when he sees another dog. He's a working dog and would actually be a great service dog if he continues his training.

His pancreas is giving him trouble and he's vitamin B deficient and on a special diet.

Brass City DOES NOT want to lose such an amazing dog!

He's spent a year of his life in shelters and our hearts break for him.

PLEASE, if you can help, apply to foster (use the adoption app form) at

Thank you. Please help us save him. 



💓. We're so excited to get him out there...he's been in search of a home for about 2 1/2 years now and so much deserving of a family to call his own!!!  **Please keep in mind that Max needs to be an *Only Pet* but that doesn't make him any less of an awesome just means you will get all of his love and attention ❤️If interested, please reach out to me at . PLEASE SHARE!


Attention, everyone! Yes, that means YOU!


Today, Town of Willington Animal Control took in a 12 week old, very friendly kitten with a very badly broken and compound fractured rear leg after he was caught in a fishing net for several days.

Sadly, the vet told the ACO they can only euthanize or amputate due to the fracture and infection.

BUT... Because this kitten is so friendly and the ACO knows he will make a wonderful pet for someone once healed, she ok'd the surgery!

And here's where we need your help!

The estimate for this surgery is over $2,000. The shelter is hoping for the surgery to be done this week but needs to know they have the funds first.

If you can help the Willington shelter help this handsome kitten they have named "Sebastian", please send a check to Willington Animal Control, 40 Old Farms Rd, Willington, CT 06279. Please make checks out to Town of Willington.

You can donate online here:

Sebastian and all of us thank you in advance!!



Dex was adopted as Aladdin from the City of Hartford Animal Shelter . 

Dex is a very loving, 105 lb. pit mix. He’s a good dog, handsome, soft, and nice to cuddle with. He is neutered and up-to-date on all his vaccinations. When with the family, he is well behaved, knows many commands, and is house trained.

He plays well with other dogs when off leash and lives with another dog in the house. He loves car rides and stays in the back of the car. Rubber bones and balls are some of his favorite toys.

Dex would do best in a home with a fenced in yard where he can exercise unleashed and, if possible, play with other dogs. Dex loves to play and getting him tired helps to increase his obedience in many areas.

Dex would be best in a home with older children or adults only due to his size. Dex does display leash aggression and is not crate-trained.

Dex has suffered an ACL injury and surgery was explored for the ACL but the surgeon feels we shouldn’t yet proceed, due to his energy level and lack of crate training.

Dex’s injury does not slow him down. He is highly mobile despite limping from time to time.

Dex is looking for a home that can offer him more active play time. He is an amazing dog that needs a family that can accommodate his need to exercise safely off leash and who can continue to work on his training as he is an excellent student.Please let us know if you are interested in giving Dex a forever home . You can email Kim at


Tiny Tim and Lucy's Info...

I am already neutered, house-trained, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats.

Tiny Tim and Lucy's Story...

Meet Tiny Tim and Lucy. This brother and sister duo came to us as 3-month-old puppies when one of our volunteers was at a shelter picking up another pup. She saw these little Chihuahuas shaking in fear and knew they weren’t staying in a loud shelter for a second longer. Truthfully we figured they’d be an easy placement. They were adorable little pups!Two years have come and gone and still Lucy and Tim wait for their home. They are a special pair that have a bond that simply cannot be broken. They look for each other when they’re apart and sleep completely cuddled up at night. For that reason, we will only adopt them out together. Would it be easier to find a home for each separately? Probably. But it wouldn’t be right. They’re best friends for life.Tim and Lucy have different personalities that complement each other perfectly. Lucy is super sweet and loves to cuddle. She has potentially the greatest snaggle tooth in the history of snaggle teeth and likes to pretend she’s a circus performer by standing on her back legs and twirling. Her core strength is impressive! When new friends come over she likes to try out their laps immediately. Lucy bonds strongly with her people.Tiny Tim is just the most fun guy ever! He is content to be out in the sun playing fetch for hours. He’s also a constant source of inspiration. Tim is missing a rear leg and uses his other back leg as a “pogo stick.” He does have a cart for long distances, but he doesn’t typically need it. Tim wears a belly band without any complaint and eats prescription food. Aside from those small nuances, he’s just a normal dog that gives 100x the love back to you than you could ever give him.Tim and Lucy are the kind of pups that will change your life forever. They want nothing more from you than love, a ball throw here and there, and a spot on your couch and in your heart. We know their special person is out there. If you have room in your home and in your heart for two little pups, please fill out our application and learn more about them. You won’t regret it!

Please fill out our online application here:

And be sure to check out our Facebook page for news and updates!


People & Pets: A Podcast with Heart chats with Animal Rescue Kenway's Cause

Kenway's Cause recently took in quite a few special cases! Please listen to our interview with Sherry DeGenova who tells Walter's story and you'll find out about Penny and tow other pups saved from death row! AND Meet Fluffy the little kitten who so far, has beaten the odds!!!

Pictured: Sherry DeGenova and Walter!

Read more:


Ben is approximately 2 yrs. old and large-in-size.  He is a Shar Pei Mix who had double Entropion surgery in March 2017 upon a local Animal Control Officer asking CT Animal House to help out. Entropion is when eyelashes grow inwards creating discomfort and could result in blindness.  Both of Ben’s eyes are fully healed and he now enjoys taking in all the sights.

Ben is currently being fostered and loves walks, chilling, or chewing on a bone.  

To adopt Ben, please fill out an adopter application at Or you can contact CTAH at 860-271-1361 if you have any questions.

More about Ben

·       Fully vetted

·       Microchipped

·       Good with dogs

·       Good with kids

·       Neutered



Porsha is our special little girl from the Hartford pound. While she is a fantastic people dog, she is wary of other dogs and gets very scared/defensive if they approach her. She is currently in a foster home with other dogs but they are kept separated while they continue to work on her dog socialization skills but for right now the best thing for Porsha would be to find a foster or forever home with no other animals. She loves to meet new people and always has a smile on her face when she does. Porsha is such a cuddle bug! She just wants to be near people. Her personality has come out, she loves to run in the yard and on the snow trails. She is especially excited that the snow is melting and more of the yard is becoming accessible! Porsha is working hard on her dog skills. In addition to her individual walks she is now taking walks with the two other dogs in the home and has been doing well. She is great walking on a leash. Overall she is just fantastic! She is great in the house, doesn't chew or get into things. She is learning to play with toys and “fetch”. She is really good with "drop it". She is not a jumper or beggar, she smiles and wiggles her entire back end anytime someone comes in the door. Porsha is approximately 2 years old. She has been completely vetted. If you are interested in fostering her, we do provide our fosters with all supplies needed. If you are interested in adopting Porsha, her adoption fee is $250. Please email

The interview below describes Porsha in detail with Sherry DeGenova!



Max is approximately a 1 yrs. old Cane Corso breed who is large-in-size.  Max is currently being fostered and lives with other dogs.  He loves playing and walks. 

Max needs to work on his socialization skills when meeting new people. Therefore, Max requires an experienced Mastiff adopter who will continue to work on this area.

To adopt Max, please fill out an adopter application at Or you can contact CTAH at 860-271-1361 if you have any questions.

More about Max

·       Fully vetted

·       Microchipped

·       Good with dogs

·       Good with kids

·       Neutered

New Britain, CT - Meet Little Kolbie. This boy is only 9 weeks old, was purchased from a "professional" breeder and already bounced around 3 times 

😒 How sad to see the cycle start so young. Thankfully the cycle was broken and he will never have to worry about falling into the wrong hands again! He is absolutely delicious and in search of his forever family. He is currently being fostered with other dogs and a cat. Kolbie will be neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchip prior to adoption. To request an application, please email Application, references and home visit required.PLEASE SHARE KOLBIE 💓


Torrington, CT - COURTESY POST This is Zoe, a former New Britain pound pup.

 Zoe is in need of a new home. Due to loss of job and having to move, they must part with this girl. She is a big girl at about 90lbs. She is 2 years old, spayed, up to date on shots, crate trained, walks well on a leash, knows basic commands, good with other dogs and cats. She's a little rambunctious and sometimes knocks over her 1 year old human brother so older kids would be best. She's a great girl, just doesn't realize her size. If interested please contact 


Zoey is ready for adoption. approx 3yrs young, 43 lbs, spayed and up to date on shots. 

She is a cuddle bug for adults. She needs an adult home without other pets for now. House trained, crate trained, basket muzzle trained. She is a sweet girl that needs training on proper socialization. That will take time. She is smart and listens well. But gets real agitated when other dogs approach. She was picked up when surrendered for being ill. She had a pyometra which was taken care of immediately. She was rescued on Jan 7th , 2017 and is ready to bond with her new owners. Someone with dog experience is preferred and willingness to seek help training. I will be asking if any training friends can help get the new owners get started with this. Please apply for Zoey at or for any questions just ask here.


BONUS Interview about Pixley with Sherry DeGenova!


MARTY IS IN URGENT NEED OF A NEW FOSTER HOME! (Foster must be located in CT)

The sweet guy and his foster home were not a good match for each other, and sadly he is headed to boarding at our vet until we can find a new foster for him.He needs to be an only pet and be in a home with older children (13 years old or older) or in an adult home.Marty was previously in one home from the age of 3 months - he is now about 3 years old - and he needs a family who can give him time to relax and settle - a process that we expect to take a minimum of 2-3 weeks. He needs, therefore, a family who can be patient with the process. Right now he is anxious and stressed - he needs a family to help him through the transition.Foster dogs take time to settle in to a new environment. We ask ALL of our fosters to allow at least two weeks for that to happen, no matter where the dog came from!. No matter whether the dog comes from a pound or from another home, YOUR home is a NEW one to the dog. Please be patient with the process! Imagine how you would react if you were suddenly removed from the family you love and all that is familiar to you, and placed in a strange environment where there was absolutely nothing familiar to you. That is what Marty is facing - he needs a family to give him time, patience, love, and guidance while he gets used to a new home.Once he is placed in a new home, Allen Szykula will work with him and the family to make sure that transition is a smooth one.

Our rescue covers all veterinary care. We provide food/toys/treats/equipment from donations we receive. We maintain close contact with our foster families and have volunteer training staff who welcome questions from our fosters and can and will help you with the transition.So PLEASE! If you can foster Marty let us know! You can private message the page for more information or email us at furryfriendsct@yahoo.comTo apply to foster, please fill out the application at our website:




Bruce is a 5 year old American bulldog. He is such a sweet boy with a nice personality. Bruce seems to like girl dogs and he like kids 13 years old and up. Bruce is a low to medium energy level dog that is just looking for his soulmate. Bruce is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, HW negative and is microchipped. He is located in Branford CT and he is completely stressed out and is quickly losing weight. Any inquiries can call 203-315-4125


 Please help spread the word to adopt from a shelter first!!! Take a look at all the urgent animals here and see the Lost and Found Pound below too!!! 


Meet Marley!

Marley started his PT today! He will be in physical therapy twice a week for the next month. He is doing so well, he's using his leg and he's put on a couple of pounds and his coat looks great. His foster mom has done a wonderful job with him! He is just the sweetest boy and we all adore him and so does everyone who meets him! if interested email PLEASE!!!




 Please continue to SHARE Happy !!!! He has spent more then half his life in the system .... 1.5 years in a New York (Long Island) shelter and now almost 7 months with us !!!! Its finally his time to be truly Happy !!!!!

Please contact us at Wolcott Dog Pound 203-879-7620 or Wolcott Police Department 203-879-1414.





Fosters needed! 

We met some cats from a colony in Hartford today. The cats posted below are not feral and while a couple of them are a bit fearful, we would like to help get these cats out of the cold and off the streets. The calico and tortie are extremely bonded and need to go together. The black cat appears to be very young and a little more skittish than the others, the grey and white is new to the colony and he is extremely sweet and outgoing. If you are interested in helping any of these cats and would like to be a foster, we will take care of all their medical needs and make sure they are snap tested prior to going anywhere, please email us at for a foster application. We provide all of our fosters with supplies they will need to care for them.


Meet Riley!

Courtesy Post, PLEASE HELP!!! Former Hartford Dog needs a new home: No cats,or other dogs or young children.He is very much loved, but after his loving family adopted him they welcomed a new baby home - and through multiple tries, interactions, and exercises it's evident that Riley is not good with infants.They are certain it's a dominate thing with him. From current owners: "He's aggressive towards things smaller the him. We've had this problem in the past with him with other dogs. We have another dog and we have to keep them in separate areas of the house because of it for the last 3 years. We were really hopeful that with the baby he would be ok, but it just isn't.He is actually a couch potato an enjoys just being around others and cuddling. It can be a challenge to get him to eat sometimes because he rather lounge then listens well and knows all his commands. For example, I can grill on the patio with the door wide open and tell him to stay. He will stand and watch me cook and never step a foot outside. This is really hard for my wife and I because despite his quirks he really is a great dog who loves just being with you, giving kisses and being a lazy hippo."Please contact: dsutera20@gmail.comPlease understand they want to do right by Riley, and only serious inquiries please.


This is Echo ❤

I'm Echo, a 4 year old neutered male Pit bull. I'm a big boy who weighs about 65-70 pounds and I am up to date on all my shots and vaccines. Sadly, my owner recently became ill and couldn't take care of me anymore and I came to live at the Meriden Humane Society. Boy are they really nice here. When I got here, I was all out of sorts and scared, because I didn't what was happening. Some of the volunteers brought in this really nice trainer to help me relax and boy did it help. I've gotten to relax quite a bit and am doing well now.

I love going for walks, but playing fetch is my most favorite thing to do. I have such laser focus on a ball that I could play baseball professionally. I hope that my future furever home and people have strong shoulders. If you have a pool or stream nearby, or any body of water for that matter, I'd be a very happy pups as I love the water.

I have not been exposed to cats and I have no known reaction to children, so a child/cat free home is best at this time, as I wouldn't want to hurt anybody. Any and all introductions to children should go very slow and be very closely monitored as my reaction to them is unknown.

When I was with my previous owner, I used to be walked off leash at a park and could possibly do so again once I'm at a home and decompressed. My friends at the Humane Society think once I'm in a home and decompressed, I could be good with other dogs. A submissive female companion could be ideal for me down the road. Again, my friends highly recommended that I decompress first before trying with other dogs to avoid any dangerous situations. I am well mannered when inside and I will let you know when I need to go outside to go do my business. At my previous home, I was well behaved off leash and stayed in my yard or on the porch. Since I will be in a new home and a very different environment, a fenced in yard is a plus. No worries though, a leash would work just as well for this handsome guy. Remember, I am a strong boy and a strong arm and shoulder is a plus while I'm on a leash.

Any inquiries about me can be directed to the Meriden Humane Society.

Meriden Humane Society 311 Murdock Avenue Meriden, CT 06450 203-238-3650


Meet Jack!


Jack is about 2 years old, with a sweet, playful disposition. He's neutered and has had some obedience training. Jack loves to romp and roll in the grass. He is extremely smart and often very silly. Jack loves to be on the move, but what he craves most is affection. When I introduced him to my dogs, he sniffed my Cairn Terrier (she ignored him) and kept vying for the attention of my uber-shy mixed breed, who kept his distance. Jack would make a great addition to a loving, active household. Please call 860-485-9165 for more information or to meet Jack.




Please take a look at the most current lost animals in our state courtesy of CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network. ( CLICK here or on logo below)

 ct lost rev


 Meet Hershey from Friday's Rescue Foundation!

Hershey the Chocolate Lab


Meet Hershey! He is about 6 years old, chocolate lab is neutered, up to date on shots, and microchipped. Hershey is looking for his forever family! He must have a fenced in yard! For further inquires about Hershey or to schedule a meet and greet; please call our shelter at 860-446-9016. To apply please visit our website Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and events! Adoption Fee: $350 CLICK HERE FOR MORE


 CLICK here to get to Friday's Rescue Foundation!


   SUPER URGENT TODAY Please visit Shelter Connecticut CLICK here to find out how you can help.






CLICK here to get to Kenway's Cause!




Click here to get to Bikers Against Animal Cruelty!



In Bridgeport NOW CLICK HERE to get to Shelter CT


I'd like to welcome Leaps & Bones Dog Bakery as another proud supporter of my River Pet Picks!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! Click here to get to their store! FYI K9 Officers celebrating birthdays or retirement get FREE PUP CAKES!!!

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All new Leaps & Bones website is now LIVE with subscription services, like auto-pilot for your food and treats. Take your pick and set your routine. It’s that easy to ensure you never run out of your four legged pups food and treat needs. We deliver food and treats every Thursday all over CT. And, ALL NEW, treat your furry friends to a Doggie Bag! Shipped to your door the second Friday of every month. You and your pup will receive a custom-packed doggie bag appropriate for their size with our seasonal handmade dipped treats, tasty, handmade bulk treats, and a special surprise picked by our staff! Sign up today! *Month to Month Subscription can be paused or cancelled any time.


Meet my friends at Log Dogs!!! They donate 5% of their profits to animal rescue!!!

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ca 3 28 log dogs



I'd like to welcome Beaver Brook Animal Hospital to our River family! They are going to sponsor our adoptable Pet Picks! This means more air time for dogs & cats across the state!  


Preventative Care Clinics weekly – 25% off vaccinations with a paid exam, see website or call for days and times PLUS New Clients receive a discounted exam for 1 of their pets

DID YOU KNOW: Bully dog friendly “ Beaver Brook Animal Hospital is a privately owned small animal hospital in Wethersfield. They are open 7 days a week and offer same day appointments. Cat friendly, Bully breed friendly they believe in treating pets as a whole and offer integrative therapy like acupuncture and laser as well as conventional Western medicine. New clients are encouraged to “try them out” and can can dowloand a download a discounted exam coupon from their website. Mention me, Renee and get $5 off a training class or 10-15 off a grooming appointment. Call 860-757-3346 for more details”






  CLICK here to get to Shelter Pups in NEW HAVEN!


CLICK here to get to Shelter Pets in New London!


CLICK here or below for all pets available through The Sadie Mae Foundation!


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