The Dog Ate My Edibles!!


It's only funny because the dog was alright in the end.  Loki, a Siberian Husky got into his owner's chronic you can see in the video...was completely baked!  Loki's eyes are wide open, his owner is trying to prop him up and keep the dog's tongue in his mouth.  I couldn't help but laugh...but AGAIN, its only funny because Loki is OK!!

If you partake and have a pet, be sure to keep your "Kush" in a place where they cannot get to it!  Also, if your furry friend does happen to get into your "Sticky Icky", the symptoms will wear off within a day or so.  If they don't wear off, take your pet to the vet.  If you're honest and upfront about what happened, more veterinarians won't call the police


Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins

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