Dunkin' Music Lounge Virtual Series with Filmore | 04.29.21 at 6pm

Country music artist, Filmore joined Country 92-5's Damon & Cory for a Dunkin' Music Lounge Virtual Series on Thursday, April 29.

He spoke about touring and concerts slowly coming back, a lot of great music that he's been working on. Filmore touched on the importance of social media in his life. He has taken to his Instagram account throughout the pandemic to share updates and new music as it pops in his head.

He shed some light on being 50% Hispanic - his mother is from Columbia, South America! - and the reasons why he has been putting various spins on his songs:

"You can produce [a song] a million ways...you can make a song sound any way, it's all more or less about the lyric and the catchy melody and allowing people to understand. What makes it country? It's literally that lyric and that feeling, it's just that story time and that's it. But right now it's just fun to mess with stuff because I have the time to do it!"

More music is on the way for Filmore as he was able to get very creative during the pandemic!

Watch the full interview on the Country 92-5 Facebook page here.

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