Meet The Man That Keeps His Entire Town Fed!

Think it’s hard to find what you need at the grocery store these days? At least you’re not in a tiny remote town in Alaska. For the 446 people who live in Gustavus, there’s only one store for what they need, so groceries are already hard to come by. Luckily, it’s run by Toshua Parker, who makes seven-hour, boat-assisted trips to the world’s smallest Costco in Juneau to fill his store. It’s officially called Icy Strait Wholesale, but the locals call it “Toshco.”

Parker loads up on what he can, but with coronavirus restrictions, it’s becoming trickier to buy for 446 people from a single store. “We’ll place a $20-thousand order, but they’ll still only give us one pack of paper towels,” he explains. “I understand why they’d do that, but we’re not a single person panic buying, we’re trying to feed a whole community.”

But he’s had a few wins with filling his store shelves. Parker says he was able to get so much flour recently that his parents down in Arizona asked him to mail them some. “They can’t get it,” he says, “but up here we’ve got a couple pallets.”

Source:Food and Wine

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