#GoodNews: Quituplets Given Free Ride To College!

I can't imagine having 5 kids...especially at the same time..

Paolo and Silvia Pavolo of Little Falls, New Jersey, are busy parents of five teenagers – who happen to be quintuplets.

Those kids are now 17 years old and planning to go to college – and the family was wrestling with the challenge of paying for five college educations, even with a little help.

But during a visit to the financial aid office of Montclair State University, they were surprised to learn each of their children was awarded a full scholarship. Not only were the kids accepted to the school, they were also given free rides.

The quintuplets have dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher, dietitian and accountant. And thanks to their hard work during their high school years – as well as the recognition from Montclair State – they will be able to chase their dreams together, on the same campus.


(photo: Getty Images)

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