What It Costs To Be A Die-Hard Baseball Fan

The online casino website PlayNJ has taken an in-depth look at how much it cost to be a fan of a Major League Baseball team. Now, when they say “fan” we’re not talking about going to an occasional game and watching on TV. They mean going to every single game thick-or-thin decked out in gear, grabbing some food, and all that good stuff.

So, their methodology took in to account the price of one medium-priced game ticket, parking, beer, food, a soda, plus the jersey and hat you wouldn’t be caught dead not sporting. Then, they added it all up. Based on that info, the most expensive teams to root for in a given year are:

  • Chicago Cubs - $15,722.77
  • Boston Red Sox - $12,712.28
  • New York Yankees - $12,547.04
  • Atlanta Braves - $10,980.22
  • New York Mets - $8,999.09

The best deals can be found with:

  • Los Angeles Angels - $4,520.66
  • Chicago White Sox - $5,450.95
  • Tampa Bay Rays - $5,502.05
  • Kansas City Royals - $5,970.37
  • Los Angeles Dodgers - $6,075.43

That’s all with just one ticket to the games, too. So, either be a loner fan, or have some friends that fans like you with the money and time to spend.

David Fisch

David Fisch

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