PF Chang Olympics?


The marketing team at P.F. Chang’s restaurant chain made the most of a news station’s blunder during their Winter Olympic coverage. Chicago’s ABC affiliate accidentally showed a graphic that read “P.F. Chang 2018” with an Olympics logo, instead of showing the correct name of the South Korean city, Pyeongchang.

So the restaurant decided to run with it. “If you haven’t heard, there was a graphics mix up at a Chicago TV station that alluded to P.F. Chang’s as hosts of a certain winter sporting event,” reads a message posted to the official P.F. Chang’s website. “Though it’s not true, we thought it would be appropriate to give the people what they want.”

And P.F. Chang’s renamed their lettuce wraps “Pyeongchang Lettuce Wraps” after the mix up and offered customers dining in a free order on February 15th. The station has since apologized for the mistake, but the restaurant had a good sense of humor about it and their customers were happy with free lettuce wraps, no matter what they’re called.


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