Spike TV Signs Off

It’s been a decade-and-a-half, but Spike TV’s finally gone bye-bye. Now, who knows where you’ll get repeats of “Bar Rescue” and “Ink Master” (as no one’s sure if the Spike-turned-Paramount network will give us those beauts). The one saving grace is the Twitter account of the network. It’s been going a beautiful kind of haywire because there’s just no reason to care anymore. Highlights include:

  • When we greenlit TNA we thought we were buying something entirely different… but wrestling turned out to be ok.
  • There’s a reason all our early shows were CSI, UFC, TNA, MXC, UTI. No one around here knew how to read.
  • The “get more action” tagline was actually my personal mantra. I was in a 3 month dry spell.
  • I honestly thought catch a contractor was a show about STDs
  • I lost my virginity in one of the storage spaces from Auction Hunters.
  • I clogged up the 4th stall in the 7th floor men’s room over 30 times last year.
  • My favorite number is 329 because it’s the number of times COPS is on every night.
  • We had a show called The Joe Schmo Show. Apparently every decent show name was taken.
  • I never thought rebranding would be one of the 1000 ways to die. I’m out. PEACE!

Rest in peace, Spike TV.

Source: Spike


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