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Sex is like pizza. When it’s fresh and out of the box – it’s awesome. When it’s cold and out on the table – it’s still pretty good. With the new year just around the bend, there are some trends out there that can make what’s already great even better. Here are what the experts say that you can look forward to in 2018:

  • Sex Toys For Men – Yeah, there are already a few, but the market’s clearly focused on women. Look for that pendulum to swing a bit with toys like the Flip Zero that’ll rock a guy’s world.
  • Remote Control – For those in long-distance relationships, these things are awesome. They can be controlled through an app, so you can devastate each other from miles away.
  • Homemade Porn – The do-it-yourselfer’s going to make a move this year.
  • Hiney Hanky Panky – It’s becoming less stigmatized, more mainstream, and the market’s going to cater to that trend.
  • Customizable Toys – They say “different strokes for different folks”, and the toy biz is paying attention with stuff that’s bendable, moldable, and more accommodating for all tastes and body types.
  • Sex Dolls – The robots are coming, in some cases you can take that literally.
  • High-Tech Machines – The Sybian was just the beginning. There are even more higher end gadgets coming for your various body parts.
  • Price Drop – As toys become more mainstream and sex toys become more desired that means you should see the stuff get more affordable.

Check back with us this time next year to see how right they were.

Source: Men’s Health


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