Less Booze, Fewer Holiday Parties This Year

  • 11% of companies are ditching the holiday party altogether
  • The number of companies serving alcohol at their holiday gatherings this year is expected to drop to 49.7% from 62% last year
  • Corporations across all industries are cutting down on holiday shindigs as a way to prevent potential bad behavior

In an attempt to avoid unwanted sexual advances at this year’s holiday gatherings, a growing number of companies are opting to cut out alcohol or the party altogether. In fact, according to a survey done by the employment consulting firm, Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, the number of companies serving alcohol at their holiday parties is down to 49.7% as opposed to 62% last year and 11% of companies have decided not to host a party at all this year.

“Sexual harassment is at the top of everyone’s mind but particularly the HR department, since they’re responsible for creating a safe environment,” says VP Andrew Challenger. Companies across all industries are cutting back on festivities to prevent potential bad behavior. Some companies are taking the approach of a two drink maximum.

Yet, others aren’t buying into the need to clamp down on parties at all. “It’s pretty terrible what’s going on and I can see why that would scare a lot of CEOs from cutting back,” said Kumesh Aroomoogan, the CEO of tech startup Accern. “But you have to figure out how to balance that out, [otherwise] employees won’t feel appreciated.”

Source: New York Post


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