2017 Health Trends to Say Goodbye to

The Bottom Line:

These five 2017 health-trends have found themselves over used and are okay to leave behind in the New Year.

The Full Story:

  • So many health trends consumed the market that some have been done to death
  • Others, like soy milk are just not as healthy as once thought
  • And with new trends finding a market share, it’s time to move on

There are always new health trends making there way into the market. So some of 2017's overrated trends, healthy or not, are going extinct in the New Year.

Some will be harder to give up, especially if you’ve acquired a taste for avocado, but if you haven’t and you’re ready to move on, then you now have permission.

These five health trends are about to say goodbye with 2017...

  1. Expensive Wellness Retreats. Wellness and fitness retreats saw a boom in 2017, but as we head into a more uncertain year with 2018, it’s less likely people will spend the money on them.
  2. Slime For Stress Relief. The popular DIY slime for stress relief included videos on how to make your own and incorporate scented oils. This fad is slowly coming to an end.
  3. Avocado Toast. Avocado toast may have reached peak popularity this year, as it also received a serious beating when people used it as a symbol for the millennial housing crisis. Avocados have since seen their way off grocery lists.
  4. Soy Milk. Soymilk has been in less demand since replacements like Almond Milk and Hemp Milk have found their way into the market place. Plus there’s been less demand due to the GMO’s associated with it.
  5. Activated Charcoal. From toothpaste to ice-cream, activated charcoal was everywhere this year. However, if you drink or eat charcoal within hours of eating or taking medication, it will strip your body of those nutrients or the medication itself. Leaving charcoal to find it’s way out in the New Year.


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