Revenge Gone Wrong!

  • A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing their attempts at getting revenge that didn’t quite live up to their expectations
  • Revenge backfired on many of them, with one person getting an STD after sleeping with a guy to get revenge on another girl, while a person wound up getting everyone kicked out while trying to get one roommate evicted
  • One person put laxative in a drink to get back at her brother, only to drink it herself, while another person almost set her house on fire trying to get back at her sister

We all dream of getting revenge on people that have done us wrong, but few people actually have the guts to make that happen. Still, there are some folks out there who have tried to get back at folks for whatever reason. And while in some cases making those folks suffer can be great, there are times when that revenge goes horribly wrong.

Now a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has people revealing their attempts at getting revenge that didn’t quite live up to their expectations and it may scare you off from ever trying to take revenge yourself.

Revenge attempts that went wrong include:

  • “My bully really liked this guy so I slept with him to get back at her. I ended up getting an STD.”
  • “My best friend’s boyfriend cheated on her so in the middle of the night I went to his house and smashed his windshield. The neighbors had cameras and caught me.”
  • “After my brother told on me for sneaking out and got me grounded I put my grandma’s laxative in his shake. Except I picked the wrong shake and poisoned myself.”
  • “When I was younger I opened my sister’s collector Barbie and put it on a 100 watt light bulb. Its hair burst into flames and the living room caught on fire. All because she wouldn’t share with me.”
  • “When I was nine I was mad at my dad and he asked me to get him a beer so I shook it real hard and it exploded in my face. I ended up cutting my eye from the bottlecap.”
  • “My roommate tried to get me kicked out so I told the apartment manager she smokes weed in the apartment. They ended up evicting all of us.”
  • “I tried to catfish my husband and catch him cheating. It backfired horribly and now we’re divorcing because he can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust him.”
  • “I was really mad at my parents for not letting me go to camp one summer so I decided to fail all my classes on purpose that year. I ended up having to repeat that grade.”
  • “I made chocolate covered pretzels with pretzels that had been on the floor of my car and fed them to the person I wanted revenge on. She shared them with my best friend and my friend ended up with food poisoning.”

Source: Whisper


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