Last-Minute Couples Costumes for Halloween

Inevitably, this little conflict’s going to rare it’s ugly head in your relationship. There’ll be some Halloween party that your or your girlfriend will go to, and doing individual costumes just won’t be enough. That’s where the “couples’ costume” comes into play.

Some take time to put together, like an elaborate “Wizard Of Oz” or “Pirates Of The Caribbean” thing. Others have been done-to-death, like the “Pregnant Nun Walking Around With The Priest” deal. Both take a great deal more thought than you’re willing to put into it. That’s why these last-minute couples’ costumes might come in handy. They’re quick, and their cheap. Just make sure you get the speedy-ass delivery if you want one.

These couples’ costumes are the perfect way to tell the world “I’m here for the free beer, and didn’t care much past that.” Now, go rock your Halloween party, and mock those who tried way too hard behind their backs while you get drunk.

Source: Men’s Health


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