Steven Avery Will Not Get New Trial

The Bottom Line: Judge rules that there's insufficient evidence to warrant a new trial at Avery.

The Full Story:

The subject of the hit Netflix series "Making a Murderer" will not get a new trial. The docu-series cast doubt on the guilt of convicted murderer Steven Avery as a Wisconsin judge has denied Avery a new trial, saying there was not sufficient evidence to warrant one.

“Given the totality of evidence submitted at trial and the ambiguous conclusions stated in the experts’ reports,” Sheboygan County Judge Angela Sutkiewicz offered in her decision. “It cannot be said that a reasonable probability exists that a different result would be reached at a new trial based on these reports.”

Avery's attorney says they are filing an amended petition because they have additional test results and witness affidavits, and they remain optimistic that Avery's conviction will be vacated. Avery and his nephew were convicted in 2007 of murdering a photographer in their Wisconsin salvage yard. His nephew's murder conviction was overturned last year.

  • See a point by point breakdown of the evidence and the response HERE.


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