Renee's Adoptable Pet Picks & the Lost'N Found Pound!

Renee's Adoptable Pet Picks & the Lost'N Found Pound!

Adoptable Pet Picks & the Lost'N Found Pound!

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This the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Due to job loss and complete loss of financial stability, I will have to rehome my dogs. :'(

They are AKC registered German Shepherd brother’s from the same litter, and I have had them since they were puppies. They are 8 years old — and will be 9 this May.

I have all vet records including when they each experienced bloat (at different times) — but don't worry! They can never have it again because their stomachs are now attached to the abdominal wall. Cappy, who is 90lbs, has arthritis in his spine above his hips and limps due to an ongoing issue with one of his back paw pad’s. GusGus is 75lbs, has EPI and requires enzyme powder in his food daily. In addition, they are neutered, up to date on shots, and have always been monthly preventive covered for fleas and ticks. (Please note that they have been flea and tick treated through this month, and have always been monthly preventive covered for heart-worm until recently. They haven’t been treated for heart-worm in 4 months.) Their nails have been trimmed monthly.

House and crate trained, they are used to being outside in their fenced in yard, where they love to play together. (They can be leashed but will pull when walking.) They are also used to being in a car, wonderfully good natured sweethearts, good with all people — including kids. But they are not good with other dogs, cats or small animals, so a no-other-pet home with a fenced in yard would be needed. (y)

They are not aggressive in any way, though they will nip playfully at each other when they are playing — and they both love to play! They will also bark when someone not living with us comes to the house.

They have great appetites and considering their age and medical issues, they have great energy levels. They will come with their food bowls and stands, toys, brushes, nail clippers, leashes and collars and GusGus’s enzymes (powder) that gets mixed in his food.

It would be really great if they could be rehomed together but if all else fails, they can be separated.

I am hoping that a rescue organization or a GSD lover can help so they can stay with each other. I just want my beautiful boys to have a wonderful, loving home together if at all possible.

Please share this and thank you for that in advance. Private message me if interested — or email And please. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE. Thank you.

This is Bella!  ( Photo ABOVE) She was adopted from the Hartford Shelter about 2 months ago. She will need to be the only dog in the home. We have offered to assist with finding her a new home! Here is the bio from her current family:Bella is approximately 3 years old and weighs about 50 lbs. She is a sweet sweet loving dog. She is a people dog and gives hugs and snuggles. She's great with kids, she has been around senior citizens, a disabled person and she's just fantastic and respectful with everyone! She is house trained and walks pretty good on a leash although she is strong if allowed to pull. She is not destructive to the home at all - we do not crate her when we are at work. She rides well in the car and stays in the back seat - she understands many basic commands like sit, stay, off.The only issue we have with Bella is that she has to be an only pet. She has not gotten along well with other dogs.We need to find Bella a loving caring home.Bella has been vaccinated and spayed. Please share! Anyone interested please email kenwayscause@aol.


(Pictured below!)

Phoebe is a charming, sweet, playful 8 month old Shepard mix with the most adorable ears. She’s been loving her time in her foster home but really would like a home to call her own. If you can see yourself falling in love with this darling 💕go to to fill out an application.


Protectors of Animals has cats/kittens!  They will have about 12 kittens looking for their forever homes! Pictured BELOW is 3 month old Odie! Check out more available cats and kittens at



Sire's adoption fee has been donated to POA by some generous supporters so he is available for adoption for no fee this holiday! Our standard adoption process does apply. 

Visit to fill out an application for Sire.




At left is This is IMPOUND #18-193, a large adult Pittie boy with fabulous ears — and sweet eyes. Let's find him a home, too!

Top right is #18-9 — and this poor guy has one of two of the worst photos ever! (The other is below!) But don't go by that awful photo. Go by and meet him! He's a Pittie Mix boy, too — large, black, and longing for a soft couch to chill on!

Middle right is IMPOUND #18-163, a worried-looking large adult Pittie boy who's not sure where he is or why? Let's find him a better place to crash, OK?

And bottom right is poor IMPOUND #18-180, a Pittie Mic girl who takes the prize for "WORST PICTURE OF THE YEAR!" Poor little lady is saying "Holy...get me outta here! I need to be loved!" She's been waiting a while, so please go meet her!

Got questions? Give the Waterbury Shelter a call at (203) 574-6090. Or just go and say hello to the dogs — maybe see if one fits you! Waterbury is open and welcomes visitors and adopters on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. — and every weekday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. — so go meet one of the new faces, won't you!


Please take a look at the most current lost animals in our state courtesy of CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network. ( CLICK here or on logo below)

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